For a successful 2022 sale, now’s the time to star

As we approach the end of the year and look ahead to a new season in our lives, we start to make resolutions and goals to make the next year our year. High on many people’s lists every year is to find and move into a dream home, and 2022 could be the year you make this a reality…

The time to start planning and researching is now. Statistics by Rightmove and Zoopla have consistently shown that from Boxing Day throughout the beginning of the year, the number of people looking to buy rises steeply.

If you want to move in 2022, can you afford to miss out on this prime selling time?

You might not have time between Christmas parties and visiting the in-laws to have a good de-clutter and clean, but have you thought of doing your homework before you start asking estate agents around for a valuation? You can do that while you are waiting in the queue at Waitrose, or while sitting on the train on the way to work.

Use the Internet to get a handle on property prices

Fill your down time with a good trawl of the internet to see what properties are available in your area - it helps to see what competition your property would be up against and to get an idea of a what a realistic asking price might be. This bit of research is also worthwhile before you invite an estate agent around for a valuation – a good valuer should be well informed about what is available and should be able to compare notes with you about what is currently listed.

Sold Prices

There may be a big difference between the price a property is marketed for and the sale price it actually achieves. Sometimes we see sale prices below the asking prices, so make sure you check the homes which actually sold!

Nothing better than a bespoke valuation

No matter how good your online research skills may be, there is no replacement for an experienced estate agent's valuation. A good estate agent should be able to provide you with what are called "comparables" – properties that have sold in your area that are similar to your own. If an agent is not able to provide comparables they may have simply not done their homework.

What your Internet research could reveal when choosing an estate agent

While doing your Internet searches, take the time to register with an estate agent who can provide you with expertise and professionalism. It’s also great to check that they offer extensive marketing for your property and will keep you updated at every point in the process so you feel comfortable and listened to.

When the Queen's speech is over there will be nothing left to do but start getting buyers through the door.

Even if you are not ready to start getting people through your door right now, we can start lining up buyers and promoting your property while you celebrate the holidays and then you can get on with your big moving plans when you are ready in the New Year.

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