The little details tenants appreciate

Renting has definitely changed over the years. With more and more young people deciding to rent over buying a home, this means that it has definitely become more of a renters market than ever. In order to appeal to the best tenants and also to hold onto them, a landlord needs to do their best to ensure that their rental property is the best that it can be.

Most tenants are different and it can be hard to always know what they want, however, if you are looking to keep your tenants happy, then you might want to know some secret details that they really do appreciate.

Leave them a housewarming gift

We all know what it feels like to move into a new home, especially those initial few days. A great way to welcome in new tenants is to leave them a little housewarming gift (such as everything that they need to make a cup of tea or a box of chocolate) with a note welcoming them to the new home. Not only will they feel welcomed but they will also see that you are thinking about them too.

Make a guide to the property

It can be hard work getting to know how everything works in a new home, so, if you want to make things easier for your tenants, write them a guide. Note down all the little quirks of the house and tell them things that they are going to need to know, such as bin collection days and also where they can find meters and thermostats. It is these little snippets of information that can really help people to feel settled in their new home.

Sort problems out quickly

Chances are that you are going to be letting your property through a letting agent rather than directly, however, when the agent comes to you with an issue it is a good idea to resolve it as quickly as you can. It might not seem like much of a problem to you, but you never know how much that leaky tap or faulty window might be affecting the person who lives in that property. They will really appreciate you doing your best to fix things quickly.

Be pet friendly

There are lots of people now who are looking to rent with a pet. It isn’t an ideal situation for all landlords, but if you don’t mind having a cat or dog in your rental property, then make sure that this is known. Not only will you be likely to appeal to a brand new pool of tenants but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped an entire family to find a home.

Make sure the house is up to scratch

One common trap that many landlords fall into is thinking that it doesn’t matter what type of state their rental property is in. After all, they are not the ones living there. This definitely isn’t the way to think, your rental property might not be your home, but it is someone’s home and this means that it should be in the best condition possible.

It might mean a bit of extra effort, but if you do your best to appeal to your tenants, then not only will you attract more, but you should also find it easier to keep hold of the tenants that you want to long term.