The pros and cons of house sharing

We know that the idea of house sharing isn’t for everyone; however, living with other people in a house can actually be a great idea for some. So, if you are considering house sharing as an option then here are some of the pros and cons to keep in mind.

Costs are shared

One huge reason that many people decide to live in a house share property is because they need to try and save themselves some money whilst still be able to move out of their parent’s home. When you live in a shared property you are going to be sharing many of the bills; this isn’t just the rent (although this is a huge help of course) but this is also bills such as gas, electricity, water and even your TV and internet costs.

You might not always get on

Of course there is a good chance that living in a shared home means that you are going to find new friends (or even move in with your existing friends). But there is also a chance that you might not get along with the people that you are living with. What could be worse than finding that you don’t like the people that you have to share your living space with? It isn’t exactly the ideal situation which is why they say ‘you never know someone properly until you live with them’.

You will always have people around

When you live with your family you are always going to have someone around to spend time with, to talk to and simply to have in the same space as you. When you move out, one main concern is that you are going to be alone and be lonely too. Living in a shared home means that you will always have someone around, just like you would if you lived with your family. Best of all, if you want to have some time to yourself, you always have your own room to retreat to.

You might not feel that you have any space

Whilst it is great to have people around and as we have said you can always retreat to your room if you need to be alone, living in a shared house may feel a little cramped. If you are not someone who likes to spend lots of time in the company of others, then you may find that a shared home isn’t the ideal option.

Chores are going to be for everyone to do

Chores are not the most interesting or exciting thing to do, so, if you have other people in your home to do them, then you are likely to find it much easier to keep your home nice and clean. Not only this, but if you are finding it hard to keep on top of cleaning, then you can also share the costs of hiring a cleaner.

A house share has loads of plus points to consider as well as some negatives too. So, before you take the plunge, it is a good idea to weigh them up against each other and see whether or not it is going to be a worthwhile option for you.