Top tips for renting with a pet

Renting a home is a great alternative to buying your own property. In fact, it seems to be something that is much more commonplace than it has ever been. Renting does have a wide range of benefits, but it does have some drawbacks too.

This is particularly true if you are someone who is looking to rent with a pet. You will be relieved to know that if you are looking to rent with your furry friend, then there are plenty of things that you can do to make things easier. In fact, to help you we have put together our guide of the top tips for those who are renting with a pet.

Never lie about having a pet

One thing that many tenants with pets think to do is to lie about having a pet in the first place. They may think that they can get away with hiding away the pet when it’s time to inspect the property. Not only is this likely to be discovered, but you can also get into trouble if you are found lying within your tenancy agreement.

Get references for your pet

If you have already rented with the pet that you want to move with, then it is a really good idea to get some references from your previous landlord. This shows that you are taking things seriously and also proves to the new landlord that you (and your pet) are responsible and can be trusted to take good care of the property whilst you live there.

Suggest a trial period

It might not be ideal, but if you are really stuck on trying to secure a rental property with a pet then an option to consider may be suggesting a trial period to them. Show them that you are willing to prove just how well behaved your pet can be, by setting a short-term rental agreement in the first place. This will often put the landlords mind at rest and is a sure-fire way to secure a longer term agreement for the future.

Introduce your pet to them

Sometimes it can be hard to see how a dog or cat can be well-behaved unless you actually meet them. Not only this, but who can resist saying yes to a cute and furry face. Having your potential landlord meet your pet is a great way to show them just how well-behaved they are. This also gives your landlord the chance to judge their size. All of these things will help the landlord come to a decision.

It may not be easy trying to rent a property with a pet, but it isn’t impossible. More and more landlords are realising that pets come as a part of the family and if they let their property to a responsible home-owner then they won’t notice the difference between a home with a pet and one without.